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Since 2004, Stryde Advisors have guided businesses to find monies available to them missed by their staffs, third parties, and themselves.  Our experts know business tax advantages and the ins and outs of the latest legislation that have allowed us to confidently assume all the risk in looking at each business to find tax incentives, tax credits, the best advantages from a Feasibility Report for optimal Cost Segregation, often able to go back years to gain significant financial gains for our clients. 


Stryde Advisors ask 7-10 questions and our proprietary software gives you an immediate estimate of available monies per business category.  Want to claim your money? You then book a 30 minute call with our top experts where they take a deeper dive with you, very often finding additonal monies for you to claim.  Like what you see?  Put us to work!  Don't want your money? No problem, best of luck, and it didn't cost you a dime for the professional evaluation, often including a Feasibility Report with an excellent engineer at our cost


Why are we so confident to risk the time and money on businesses? Because since 2004 we find money for virtually every company!


Don't have time to talk for 5-15 minutes with a Stryde Advisor?  No problem, do it yourself here and see what monies are estimated based on your specific data:  Use this one if you own commercial property:


Go here for an overall look:


Go here to arrange tax credits on your new hires: 




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Earn Commission Helping Businesses Find Money


As a GMG/Stryde Advisor, you are really a 'door-opener'. You are NOT expected to be the tax, employee, engineering, or  legal expert. You engage the owner, conduct a quick Benefits Survey, allow our proprietary software to estimate available monies per category, then set up a Discovery Call with our experts in Michigan.  The owners want to claim their monies or they don't. Guess what?  A LOT do!

Build Your Own Agency of GMG/Stryde Advisors


I am a Health, Life, Accident Insurance Agent, as well. Just like building an agency in that industry, real estate, and so many others, you want to attract like-minded professionals and earn overrides on their successes. No, we are NOT an MLM, as we DON'T pay commission for merely recruiting, or on monthly fees, and everyone can earn identical compensation percentages.

Everyone Wins with GMG/Stryde


You professionally open doors, the business finds monies they didn't realize they could get, you earn nice commissions--Hotels average Cost Segregation claims of $240,000 and the Manufacturing sector even more--and you can build an Agency. Biggest monthly overrides: $150,000; biggest one-time commission: $3,800,000.  Imagine how much that happy CLIENT has benefited!