Business Advisors

What's really gratifying is going through decades of business experience, learning every step of the way, coming across both dynamic individuals and immoral jerks, brilliant business minds and innovators, while the majority of folks are somewhere down the ladder, not too bright, not too inspired or motivated, and really struggling to do well while not enjoying their crafts.  


Like I tell my four kids, we can learn something everyday if we just pay attention, and really listen.  Not all learning is from a book.  


Most of my career has been in telecom, Internet-related sales, investments, currently as a Health, Life, and Accident Insurance Agent, and Scott Jordan--a former telecom compatriot and now nationally renowned Marijuana Money Man who has put together deals of over $50,000,000 to help jumpstart that burgeoning industry--excitedly told me about GMG/Stryde as the most attractive all-around opportunity client/agent/team success he had ever seen. When Scott says that, kids, you LISTEN.


Now we are helping businesses all over the USA, attracting groups of CPA's, accountants, tax professionals, Commercial Real Estate pro's, and savvy salespeople who see what we see: An obvious win-win for businesses and agents.


Especially in the midst of the worst pandemic in a century, we get the chance to do nobel work and help keep American commerce alive and optimistic in the darkest of days for too many.


I live to love my kids, my first grandbaby, my friends, enjoy great music, play baseball year-round (I pitched in Puerto Rico on February 1, 2020), and see more of this beautiful world! And you?--Rob MacKnight, 619.518.1809,

Who Are We?